Spectrum Readers

Wow!  Blogging two days in a row!  I'm on a ROLL!

Today, I'm sharing the next goody in my Carson-Dellosa Brand Ambassador box--another Spectrum product…

With the Common Core State Standards focus on non-fiction, these Spectrum Readers for students K-2 are PERFECT!  Think reluctant boy readers!  Have some of those?  I do!  They are eating this book up!  It is NEVER on the shelf!  With titles like 
DANGER! Deadly Animals 
STOP! Crime Scene, 

how could they not?

Take a look!

Boys:  Are you getting more of these books?

I’m always on the look-out for non-fiction to add to my classroom library.  These books at $3.99 are a steal!  The THRILLING! Sports book I received, devotes each two page spread, with action picture on the left and text on the right and a top border of additional action shots, to a different extreme sport such as skateboarding, surfing, and bungee jumping.  The pages are colorful, easy to read and contain weird facts with just the right amount of text to be informative but not overwhelming.

Let’s say that you are an e-reader fan or have e-readers in your classroom.  The news is even better! For $1.99 you can download the books!  With my classroom 4 iPads, I’m headed to Carson-Dellosa right now!
I’ve even recommended the series to parents of some of my struggling readers.  With the three level options, parents can easily find the range their child needs.  And, most of those households have some purchased some type of e-reader to increase their child’s interest in reading.

An added plus is the letter to parents on the inside cover with tips for helping their child become a successful reader.

I know your students will love them as much as mine do!

For more info, check out the promo on you-tube: 

I participate in the Brand Ambassador Program for Carson-Dellosa and 
received this product for free to try out and review.


I'm Back in Blogland!

I'm Back!  Gosh it's' been forever since my last post!  This year is flying by and I've just been overwhelmed trying to keep my head above water--sometimes, not too successfully!'s time to get back to blogging!

First of all....

As a Carson Dellosa Brand Ambassador, I recently received a box of goodies to review and share with my friends in cyberspace.  The first is…

                                               Spectrum Test Practice

If you are in a testing grade OR must give a standardized test OR just like to know how your students are progressing, you have to check out Carson-Dellosa’s NEW Spectrum Test Practice Series available for grades 1-8!

Fortunately, I’m in the last category—interested in how my students are progressing and their readiness for third grade.  I am so excited about using this test prep resource!  In addition to the pages in the book correlated to the Common Care State Standards (Yeah!), online pages are available to provide bonus practice aligned to your STATE and grade level!  Having online access to a comprehensive practice test correlated to the CCSS available online is an absolutely wonderful bonus!

Comprehensive it is!  Each area (reading, language and math), is divided into skill components with lesson pages and a sample test.  For example, Reading includes

Word Analysis (Word Sounds, Rhyming Words, Contractions & Compound Words, and Root Words & Suffixes)
 Vocabulary (Picture Vocab., Word Meanings, Synonyms, Antonyms, Words in Context, and Multiple Meaning Words), 
Reading Comprehension (Picture Reading, Critical Reading, Fiction, Reading Literature, and Nonfiction.) 

At the end of each area, a complete practice test is available.  

Each lesson page even has a clue for a great testing strategy.  Love this!

Another great feature is each page is student friendly—great spacing with not too much on a page.  My students aren't overwhelmed like they were on some of the district tests we used to give.  

I think the pages would also be a great resource for the end of a unit of study.

Now to the bottom line-PRICE!  Well, here's an awesome surprise!  Each of these handy test practice books is ONLY $5.99 for the eBook!  ($15.99 for printed) You can’t beat that value for a reproducible book with 125 pages! 

Click on the link above to check it out at Carson-Dellosa online or at your local teachers’ store!

I participate in the Carson-Dellosa Brand Ambassador Program and I received this product free to try and review.

Take care!